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While we last heard from him in Wellington a few days ago, Phlegm is still in New Zealand where he just finished yet another fantastic new piece somewhere on the streets of Dunedin.

The popular British street artist worked a few days to paint this piece showing some of his signature fantastical characters riding a Moa bird. The Moa is an extinct flightless bird endemic to New Zealand.

Stick with us for more exclusive updates from Phlegm and if you stop by Dunedin in the coming weeks, you’ll be able to find the piece on Moray Place.
EVGILL__16-02-28__DSC1099 EVGILL__16-02-28__DSC1102 Photo 28-02-16, 3 08 58 PM EVGILL__16-02-28__DSC1098 Photo 28-02-16, 3 09 04 PMPictures by StreetKiwi

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