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Fin DAC in Mount Maunganui & Christchurch, New Zealand

January 4, 2018
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Our Irish friend Fin DAC has spent the last few weeks of 2017 and the first of 2018 down under in New Zealand painting at festivals in both Mount Maunganui and Christchurch both organised by Street Prints.

Like his previous trip to The Mount 2 years ago, the globetrotting artist focussed his work on the local Maori culture, painting 2 murals with themes of ‘family’ and ‘protection’.
His Mount mural: Hapu (a Maori word that can mean ‘family’ and ‘pregnant’) features 2 ‘firsts’ for the artist. A heavily pregnant mother, resplendent in traditional Maori clothing, with a young daughter in tow. It also cleverly references his previous mural at the Mount 2 years ago with a reflection in the eyes. The mural is another addition to his ‘Hidden Beauty’ series but he tells us it can be found somewhere on Maunganui Road.
For his Christchurch mural: Kaitiaki (the Maori word for ‘guardian’) the artist chose to use elements of Maori culture,  mythology and ornithology to highlight a ‘warning’ and ‘protection’ theme for the earthquake-torn city that is in the process of rebuilding. The mural features another of Fin DAC’s efforts to make murals stand out from the wall or surface with strategically positioned cut-out feathers rising above the buildings rooftop. And it also again features a particular eye reflection but this time to his ‘Hapu’ mural detailed above.
The mural can be found on the front of the YMCA building on Hereford Road.
The artist is now heading to Australia where he promises more street work

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