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The Crystal Ship: JAZ in Oostende, Belgium

April 12, 2016
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Franco Fasoli has recently completed a mural in Oostende, on the coast of Belgium, as part of the first edition of the Crystal Ship Festival.

The mural was inspired by the works of James Ensor, a well known local painter from the 19th and early 20th century, whose paintings where quite original for his time and used to include recurring themes such as carnivals, masks, skeletons and various religious references.

For this mural, Franco used his characteristic method of working with local customs and contrast them with his own. The mural’s general composition is based on one of Ensor’s prints, and it also includes a few literal references to Ensor’s paintings, such as the sky and the skeleton. The whole scene is blended in a grand pilgrimage that chases the light vomited from a flag, which is also another reference to Ensor’s work.

jaz-oostende-belgica-2016(baja) oostende-detalle oostende-detalle2 oostende-detalle3

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