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Artist Retrospective: Franco Fasoli aka JAZ

February 16, 2022
4 min read
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Born into a family of artists, Franco Fasoli is one of the first urban artists to practice in Buenos Aires in the 90s under the name JAZ. He quickly evolves towards muralism, evolving towards a stylized figurative style. Today he is one of the best known and most talented artists on the Argentinian scene.
One of the main features of his latest work is the exploration of different scales and materials for his pieces. From large-format paintings in public spaces to small works on bronze or paper, the fluctuation of contexts and resources has been the fuel of his art. The tension between the global, dominant culture, and the sub-cultures as a space of resistance, has been the subject of study in his work, both at the conceptual level and in his actions throughout his career.

Mural in Barcelona, Spain, 2021

Tigers, wildcats, and animal-human hybrids make frequent appearances in the graffiti, murals, paintings, sculptures, and collages of Franco Fasoli. The combats of zoomorphic characters in his works usually question the themes of the quest for identity and social divide.

The artist over the years has exhibited in numerous countries worldwide, as he participates to international festivals and constantly works towards the productions of mural interventions.

Check out below some of our favorite works from JAZ.

“The Rapture” in Madrid, Spain, 2015

On “The Rapture” JAZ ttok a break from his current style inspired by the sharp collage works, the images depict majestic Minotaur carrying and grasping the muscly horse. Using minimal color palette consisting of dark brown and black, the pieces look like blown up chalk drawings on a blank white paper. With these works the artist is commenting on the aggressive and survival lifestyle of modern world while using an icon of Spanish culture that is the bull.

In his own words “Painting murals was alway my best way to communicate with people, explore the B sides of the cities and become a little part of them. It’s like a sport, a social exercise, a gift.”

Mural in Berlin, Germany, 2014

“Eat This” in Cozumel, Mexico, 2015

JAZ has completed his giant mural for SeaWalls and PangeaSeed which just took place on the streets of the island of Cozumel in Mexico. The SeaWalls Street Art festival aim is to help saving Mexico’s Oceans and Endangered Marine Life, One Public Mural at a Time. The Argentinean muralist super impressive and vibrant piece warns us against harvesting sharks fins for soup.

Mural by JAZ in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014

Mural by JAZ in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2014

With this mural in Buenos Aires, JAZ teamed up with Pastel in their home town of Buenos Aires and created this double piece.

Using different color palette for each of the images, they created these two piece that look like a mirrored image at a first glance. With Jaz’ signature anthropomorphic characters, juxtapozed with Pastel’s floral imagery, the piece has a strong contrast effect. Both color wise between two pieces, but also with easy, calming feel of the flowers and plants, against aggressive looking characters depicting football hooligans.

Mural in Villa Soriano, Uruguay, 2013

Mural in Cape Town, South Africa, 2013

JAZ worked on a mural in Cape Town for the excellent Acrylic Walls Project last 2013. Through blending unconventional materials such as bitumen (asphaltic paint and petrol), he always delivers a huge mural that resemble a delicate watercolor.

Mural in Barcelona, Spain, 2015

Mural in Montreal, Canada, 2015

Mural in Kyiv, Ukraine

Make sure to check out and follow our #FrancoFasoli page for more updates on the talented artist!

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