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Rustam Qbic & Igou One New Wall in Kazan, Tatarstan

May 26, 2016
1 min read
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Russian artists Rustam Qbic and Igou recently teamed up in their hometown of Kazan, working on a collab piece for the upcoming museum of street-art at the local abandoned factory. The piece includes a mural part painted on an old wooden fence and a sculptural piece next to it.

Depicting a faceless character on his knees, the setting of the piece matches perfectly its message – each of us is trying to show themselves in the best way, and we show our true face when meeting with difficulties. Mostly painted and planned by Qbic, the piece as per usual carries a worthy universal message. Igou’s contribution to the piece was the lizard that is resting on a body of a fallen character. With branches piercing through main character’s body and green apples scattered around it, the artists suggest the greater power that nature has over humans.
Check out more detail photos after the jump and stay tuned for more news regarding Kazan’s future street-art museum.


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