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Recap: POW! WOW! Worcester

September 13, 2016
1 min read
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Art collective POW! WOW! has just wrapped up a new event in Worcester with artists like Arlin, Askew, Christina Angelina, Dan Witz, Greg Mike, Imagine, Jason Eatherly, JALLEN, Marka 27, Morgan Blair, Rustam QBic, Sabek, Sophy Tuttle, Tavar Zawacki, Anthony Mancuso, Kai Griffiths, Pamela Stolz and Scott Boilard.

With dozens of murals painted along the walls of downown area, crowds poured through to admire the work, marking the event as a resounding success and cementing the showing in Massachusetts. Stay tuned for more work as it becomes available.

arlin christinaangelina askew_03 askew_02 askew_01 danwitz gregmike imagine morganblair_02 marka jonallen_sophytuttle jasoneatherly patchwiskey rustamqbic sabek spencerkeetoncunningham

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