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“The Boy & The Sea” by Rustam Qbic in Kiev, Ukraine

June 5, 2017
1 min read
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Back in Kiev for his 2nd mural for Art United Us project, Rustam Qbic recently successfully wrapped up another playful piece starring his signature child character. “The Boy & The Sea” is a well composed mural showing a boy at the beach, making his dreams come true.

Working on a 5 story facade interrupted with windows, Russian artist created a nice image that works within the given architectural elements. The main image shows a boy sitting on the beach looking in the distance while holding a painting brush. Above that Qbic sketched a zeppelin image, as if the boy painted it in the skies, symbolizing every child’s wish to fly and explore the world. Poetic and effective, this large piece was created using minimal artistic intervention and blending the colors used with the existing background.

Check out more detail and process images after the jump and stay tuned for more murals being created in Ukrainian capital.

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