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After 3 weeks of hard work, a brand new and very unique mural has been completed on the streets of Poznań, Poland. Mural named “Neighbors” was made on three sides of the large, abandoned house, located on the border of trendy Old City center and former Dolna Willda workers district of Poznań (Poland). This house symbolized the “cultural” border between these two districts of the city. Artists major goal was to change depressive and gloomy appearance of the house surrounding neighborhood to something diametrically opposite, aesthetically bright and positive.

The project was created using the colors of the company CAPAROL and using a mobile crane lift by 4 artists-painters: Mark Maksimovich «MARKOSS» (PL), Alex Novitski «3-TON» (CAN), Anna Lennonka Voznica (PL) and Kisia Bella (PL).

The artistic transformation of the appearance of the house was enthusiastically received both by the inhabitants of this district of the city and the public together with the media of Poznan.

Check out more detailed pictures of the mural below and stay tuned for more updates from Poland…

Modestas Moe Noreika

About Modestas Moe Noreika

Modestas is a street art enthusiast who has been active in the scene for a few years, during that time has participated on production in projects around the world and continues to manage StreetArtNews print store. He is currently freelancing in the street art scene and is based in the UK.