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“Little Uhlan” by Mark Maksimovich, Alex Novitsky and AMOK in Śrem, Poland

October 11, 2017
1 min read
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Since late September the “Little Uhlan” adorns a block of flats in Śrem, Poland. This mural painting represents a boy on a rocking horse with a traditional polish pattern “Leluja” as background. Little Uhlan is a continuation of the mural series started in Śrem by Mark Maksimovich (MARKOSS) and Bartosz Wągrowski. Last year, the artists created the “Letters” depicting an insurgent of Greater Poland uprising (1918-1919). Little Uhlan was made by Mark Maksimovich (MARKOSS), Alex Novitsky (3-TON) and AMOK.

Check out more pictures of the mural below and stay tuned for more updates from Poland!

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