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Creença (Belief) Art Residency in Spain

August 27, 2018
2 min read
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Earlier this year our good friend Axel Void announced that he is working on a large art residency program somewhere in Catalunya, which would include around 50 international artists. A couple of months later Creença (Belief), is coming to its closing/opening date on 31st August when all the works created during the 2 months period will be presented to the public for only couple of days @ Konvent Zero art center outside Barcelona.

Many of the artists we’ve been featuring on this blog were taking part in this exceptional project, forming a creative community that occupied the rooms, corridors, and halls of the abandoned 19th-century convent. Inspired by the impressive location as well as each other’s work, these international artists produced an impressive body of work that often transcends their regular practice or familiar forms of expression. Working along each other, the artists such as Isaac Cordal, Sebas Velasco, Zoer, Franco Fasoli, Ernest Zacharevic, Axel Void, Michael Beitz, Fafa or Mr Kern, generously shared both their experience and knowledge with their younger colleagues, constantly motivating and inspiring each other. The friendly environment that was created during the 2 months nurtured creativity, which supported by a large group of dedicated individuals resulted in some truly impressive installations, sculptures, and paintings.

We’ve visited the Konvent Zero only one week before the official opening of the final pop-up show and were truly impressed not only with the amount of the work produced but even more, with its sheer quality.

Photo credit by Sasha Bogojev

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