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St+Art India: “Time changes everything” by DAKU in New Delhi

May 16, 2016
1 min read
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DAKU_final_lodhiartdistrict_photo by Akshat Nauriyal

This typographic piece by DAKU for St+Art India ingeniously visualises the concept of time by playing with letters and shadows. The oldest forms of measuring time were sundials used by the Egyptians as early as 1500 BC, and this piece takes that concept to a whole new level.

By mounting several words on the wall which cast an evolving shadow through the day, the artist speaks metaphorically of all the things in life which change over time. The words highlighted in this piece not only speak of the nature of our lives but also the ephemeral nature of street art – which is constantly changing.

Every day, throughout the year, this piece will come alive between 09:30 AM to 14:30 PM, after which it will disappear with the fading Sun. The best time to view the wall is at 12:00 (noon) when the shadow falls directly on the wall making the words clearly legible. As time passes, the slant of the shadow increases making them slowly fade away as the sun sets.
Daku_wip_lodhiartdistrict_1_photo by Pranav Gohil Daku_wip_lodhiartdistrict_2_photo by Pranav Gohil DAKU_wip_lodhiartdistrict_4_photo by Pranav Gohil Daku_wip_lodhiartdistrict_5_photo by Pranav Gohil Daku_wip_lodhiartdistrict_3_photo by Pranav GohilPictures by Akshat Nauriyal & Pranav Gohil

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