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“Precious little things” by Artez in Mumbai, India

May 11, 2017
1 min read
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Our friend Artez has just sent in some images of his fresh, still drying mural in Mumbai, India. This artwork was inspired by the phrase “Do what you love – love what you do”, which is the official slogan of Whistling Woods International, one of the most important and famous film studios in Bollywood film industry. The idea behind this mural is to send a message to the viewer that it is in our power to choose what we will focus on and that we can choose to focus on things we love the most. In this case, the artist has chosen to paint dancers in order to represent art.
This mural was painted over the course of 5 days of easy painting – the artist said. Muse of the mural, who also helped to paint was Milica Djordjevic.
Have a look below for more pictures by Vinny Cornelli on how this mural came together.
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