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Lu Yorlano and El Lolo in San Juan, Argentina

September 29, 2017
1 min read
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Lu Yorlano has just sent in some pictures of her latest work in Argentina, but this time – it’s coming from the streets of San Juan for a mural festival called “Maaanso”. It took the artist three days to paint on a massive 27 metre long wall located at the back of a local cemetery entrance.

I wanted to represent how we can transmute shapes, colours, build bridges with others that generate unique intersections; but at the same time, the essence of ourselves remains unique and unrepeatable. The wall was divided into two parts, one with rather complicated bricks.

While creating, Lu shared a close space with her good friend, and an artist “El Lolo”. El Lolo’s inspiration was an image by Les Jacobs, a photographer from Pretoria, South Africa, who gave El Lolo permission to use the image and recreate it on a wall.

Check out more pictures below and stay tuned on StreetArtNews for more artworks from Lu and El Lolo in the future!


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