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Coverage: JPO “This Life in Pieces” Solo Exhibition @ WallWorks, NYC

October 28, 2017
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Last Saturday night WallWorks NY present their latest solo exhibition, featuring new works from JPO. “This Life in Pieces” showcases the latest compositions in JPO’s career, focusing on the subconscious and abstraction.

Model – @kalinhart

When asked about the works in his new exhibition, JPO states:

I work in the subconscious realm when I paint. In this state, I’m able to interpret experiences, both past and present. I paint exactly what I’m thinking and feeling at that very moment.

This show is allowing the viewer to actually take part and physically view pieces on my life. I don’t know what the finality of the art is going to look like as I paint in real time as my subconscious mind dictates artistic representations of my life.

I feel that one makes decisions in life with the hopes that the unknown will turn out well. This show allows the viewers to engage and identify with the work within the layers beyond the surface.

Through his use of color, layered images and language, we get to take a peek into his mind through art. The instantaneous style and prose of his work seems to evoke a similar aesthetic and attitude to abstract expressionism in a new, contemporary and urban approach.It’s always a pleasure to take a trip to the Bronx and visit WallWorks NY which is owned and run by graffiti legend John Crash Matos. The gallery has hosted solo shows for other street art such as Nick Walker & Rubin to name a few.Patrons were treated to a show full of original paintings on canvas featuring JPO’s trademark abstract style mixed with bright an vibrant colors.  JPO’s work is trulls a throwback to innovators like Basquiat & gallery founder Crash, but taken to another independent creative level.Along with a stellar new body of work the show was attended by contemporaries BD White, Chris RWK, & John “Crash” Matos himself.  Additionally, Darrin Dean, Swizz beatz cousin & Son of the CEO of the Ruff Ryder’s Crew dropped by to pick up his one of a kind JPO jean jacket!The show will be up until Novemebr 22nd so do your self a favor and head over the the boogie down Bronx and check out JPO’s work up close and personal.

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