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“Milk Bar” – Callum Preston

Roly Roly
Roly Roly
Roland Henry is an international writer, curator and contemporary urban art specialist. Previously the Managing Editor of the independent arts magazine, Very Nearly Almost (VNA), he has developed close, personal relationships with artists, gallerists, and creatives worldwide and currently provides content for The Guardian US as well as numerous other publications.Roland is now based in Melbourne, Australia, where he heads up art agency, Studio Supply, in partnership with the former creative director of VNA, Greg Beer. The agency supplies curatorial and PR consultation services to a worldwide network of brands, artists, and creative professionals.
November 30, 2017
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Melbourne-based artist Callum Preston has previously been known to build life-size DeLorean’s out of wood and other junk. For his latest show, he’s built an entire milk bar (or corner shop, if you’re from the UK) from scratch, including all the products you’d expect to find inside, from cans of soft drink to top-shelf magazines. And it’s all up for grabs – if you like what you see, you can buy it straight off the shelf!

Preston’s love affair with the humble milk bar began in his childhood, at a time when skating to the store represented his first taste of freedom and responsibility – entrusted with his own fate and captain of his pocket money, he was allowed to step out to his local shop to hang out with mates and squander his money on fizzy drinks.

Fast-forward a good few years and Preston’s MILK BAR is a hazy ‘lo-fi’ nod to his nostalgic neighbourhood haunt.  It’s not entirely a stale-smelling blast from the past though, Preston hopes to recreate the magic he first felt when he was allowed to gaze upon the goodies, invoking a sense of wonder and joy in the viewer. With over 500 items for sale in the store, there’s most likely something that will trigger childhood memories for kids of all ages, even the ones over 30.

Preston’s MILK BAR will be on display at the RVCA Corner Gallery in Collingwood, Melbourne, this Friday 1st December and will be open to the public for the following two weekends. With each item handmade by Preston, you can admire the skill that’s gone into each of the individual chocolate bars, chip packets and cereal boxes – not only has Preston carved every piece in there, he’s also hand-painted them in all their original technicolour glory.

RVCA Corner Gallery, 82 Stanley St, Collingwood, VIC, 3066

Photos courtesy of p1xels

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