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“An affective bond” by Hyuro in Scotland

April 19, 2018
1 min read
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The one and only Hyuro just sent us some sweet images from her latest artwork which was just completed on the streets of Aberdeen in Scotland.

In town for the latest edition of the Nuart Street Art Festival, Hyuro created another beautiful piece showing two of her signature females characters interacting with each other. The piece is entitled “An Effective Bond”.

The image is inspired by the union between Scotland and England, two countries that share a border and joined to form part of the United Kingdom. The Scottish people were never supporters of the union and during the first half of the eighteenth century there were uprisings, so the tension between English and Scottish takes thousands of years.

According to the artist, the image aims to transmit the relationships of conflicts and contradictions that characterize our most complex side.

Take a look for more images below and keep checking back with us for the latest updates from Europe and beyond.

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