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Introducing The Crystal Ship 2019

April 2, 2019
2 min read
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For the fourth time in a row, The Crystal Ship conquers Ostend together with world-famous artists. With the theme The Dictatorship of Art in mind, they make gigantic murals and fantastic art installations during the Easter holidays. Only Art has the power to change the world. Choose Art, choose The Dictatorship of Art!

Case Maclaim (DE) – Crystal Wagner (USA) – David Walker (UK) – Escif (ES) – Helen Bur (UK) – Jaune (BE) – Leon Keer (NL) – Lonac (HR) – Marina Capdevila (ES) – Miss Van (FR) – Mohamed l’Ghacham (ES) – Paola Delfin (MX) – Tom Herck (BE) – Wasted Rita (PT)

The Dictatorship of Art, the theme of the fourth edition of The Crystal Ship arts festival, is in fact not meant as a provocative statement. It is, quite simply, manifest. For let us be honest: we have already tried everything else – popes to presidents, communism to capitalism, aristocracy to mediacracy – and the world is still on the brink of a nervous breakdown.

And that is why The Crystal Ship is – emphatically, because only then we can make a difference – aligning with the German artist Jonathan Meese, who states that Art is by far the most radical thing you can do with your life. Forget politics, forget religion, forget ‘purchasing power’ or other truisms. Only Art has the power to truly change the world. Only Art will let you bring something meaningful to the table.

So stop what you are doing. Now! Right away! Drop everything, muster all your passion and creativity, fire up all your lust and enthusiasm, and go nuts. Not half-heartedly, not just a bit, but completely nuts.

Choose Art. Choose The Dictatorship of Art.

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