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MURAL International Public Art Festival 2017 participating artist print release

June 30, 2017
1 min read
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This year MURAL International Public Art Festival didn’t only end with murals being painted, but some of the artists have also released limited-edition prints of their work for Station 16 Gallery which is based in Montreal’s Central District. ONUR, INSA, Mort, Mad C, Nuria Mora, Ola Volo, Ricardo Cavolo, Ruben Sanchez and SbuOne – all of these artists released different prints, most made different from others and they all differ in edition sizes by a huge gap – from 16 to 101 prints.

Check out the prints released below and visit Station 16 Print Store right here. If you like a print, buy it as soon as you can as they might sell out before you can blink!

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