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#STAYARTHOMEPEJAC: Global Creative Initiative Stay Art Home by PEJAC

April 16, 2020
1 min read

Spanish painter, Pejac is inviting the worldwide audience to grab their pens, brushes, papers, and scissors, and join him in building a monumental opus of urban art from home. As a way of going through lockdown in Madrid, Pejac recently revived his old concept of miniature window drawings interacting with the life outside.

Moved by the fact that half of the world is also confined to their living space, he decided to launch an initiative on his social media. Through the #STAYARTHOMEPEJAC campaign, he is inviting people to join,explore their creativity, and make urban art from the safety of their homes by using the life outside as a source of inspiration and rich backdrop for the work.

#STAYARTHOMEPEJAC: Global Creative Initiative Stay Art Home by PEJAC

Scroll down below to see the imaginative contributions for #STAYARTHOMEPEJAC of people around the globe.

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