Chad Hasegawa latest mural in San Francisco

Our friend Chad Hasegawa just sent us some images from his latest mural that was just completed in the city of San Francisco in California. Born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, Chad Hasegawa was enthralled with graffiti and the art of the Mission School. He moved to San Francisco in 2000 and received a BFA

“Baby With A Handgun” by BiP in San Francisco

Elusive artist BiP just sent over a series of images from his latest creation that just spawned on the streets of San Francisco. Entitled “Baby With A Handgun”, the ultra-realistic piece will surely surprise a few passer-by in the upcoming month. Rock on Baby! Hailing from California, BiP is an anonymous muralist specializing in large

“Phone Culture” group exhibition @ San Francisco’s Park Life curated by Yarrow Slaps

Phone Culture was thought up by artist/curator Yarrow Slaps, who is 27years old and San Francisco native. While visiting New York last summer, he was out of his element in a big city and found himself often people watching. Listening to passing conversations while walking down the lower east side/bedstuy streets, he began thinking the

“The Unbound” in San Fransisco by Faith XLVII

The Unbound thematic is born from Faith XLVII’s personal feelings of frustration of the social- political context of today. Watching the disharmony, the dismantling of human rights and the continuous struggle for equality is exhausting. The only way she can keep going is if she can transform some of this into her work. So the work stems

Rooftop by Fin DAC in San Francisco

Our friend Fin DAC is definitely a man of his word. Hot on the heels of his recent Bratislava piece, the Irish artist presents us with another street piece for 2017… and, as promised, this isn’t just a mural. ‘Shukumei’ is an addition to the artist’s ‘Hidden Beauty’ series but, as stated by the artist

Barry McGee Installation @ Moscone Center Garage

Last weekend, on 9th of October, Barry Mcgee revealed his latest project that was realized in conjunction with a nonprofit public art organization Sites Unseen and Ratio 3 gallery. The infamous SF-based artist turned the local Moscone Center Garage in downtown San Francisco’s Yerba Buena neighborhood into his permanent art installation. The makeover is the

Coverage: “Major Work” curated by Andrew Schoultz @ San Francisco’s Chandran Gallery

Last week in San Francisco opened “Major Work”, an exhibition curated by Andrew Schoultz at the newly opened Chandran Gallery. The line-up included some pretty big names such as Alicia McCarthy, Aaron Noble, Kelsey Brookes, Revok, James Marshall Dalek, Sam Friedman, Eric Yahnker, Mark Dean Veca, Saber, Hilary Pecis, Tim Biskup, Eric White, Allison Schulnik and

Nychos unveils a giant bat in San Francisco, USA

Nychos is currently in Northern California where he just finished working on a giant piece on the streets of San Francisco.The Austrian surgeon brought to life a super-sized bat in his signature style showing the beast’s insides and bones structure. The bat is about to prey on a cute insect which has also been dissected