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“Phone Culture” group exhibition @ San Francisco’s Park Life curated by Yarrow Slaps

July 31, 2018
2 min read
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Phone Culture was thought up by artist/curator Yarrow Slaps, who is 27years old and San Francisco native. While visiting New York last summer, he was out of his element in a big city and found himself often people watching. Listening to passing conversations while walking down the lower east side/bedstuy streets, he began thinking the words”phone culture.” Noticing everyone immersed in their pocket sized technology.

How would some of his favorite artists depict the current state that we live in? Where literally everyone is on their phones. Weather they are walking through an intersection immersed in instagram or taking selfies of them self at a park. Slaps states, “phone culture puts us in our own boxes, looking through others profiles and recognizing it as”another person’s bubble”.

It often will make us more self absorbed, forgetting your own social skills. When we are bored most people will just scroll through their phones instead of getting in what could be an enlightening conversation with someone they don’t know.

Yarrow really wanted to see how Pat Falco, Nathan Mckee, Tara Booth and Chelsie Kirkey might capture these feelings/concepts. They are all very talented with their portraiture, humor/emotion/style.

So on August 3rd 2018 at Park Life Gallery in San Francisco from 6-9pm they can talk about our cell phone culture and observe it from the view of an artist instead of simply people watching.

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