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“The Unbound” in San Fransisco by Faith XLVII

July 12, 2018
4 min read
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The Unbound thematic is born from Faith XLVII’s personal feelings of frustration of the social- political context of today. Watching the disharmony, the dismantling of human rights and the continuous struggle for equality is exhausting. The only way she can keep going is if she can transform some of this into her work.

So the work stems from a place of discontent and begs the question of what direction are we headed in?
she spent time researching the symbolism of the white flag as well as the history of the Peace Manifesto.
Peace Manifesto’s have taken many forms, with voices spanning from the scientist protesting the use of the atom bomb, to greenpeace and worker parties to womans rights associations.

They formulated our own Manifesto, keeping the perspective as inclusive as possible.
For her, the main objective is empathy.

The location of the mural is in the heart of the tenderloin. This is a very desperate corner of San Fransisco with meth being dealt openly and heroine being injected right there on the pavements. Spending the week there was deeply saddening and further entrenched the significance of how much work needs to be done. There is a dire need for the funding of social series and mental health care in the USA. For humanitarianism of all forms. So first, we need to open the heart, and then we need to make social changes so that people have support the planet is sustainable.

It is not that she believe in an idealistic future, on the contrary she at times overwhelmed with cynicism. But despite this, she thinks that we have to push for the betterment of the future, for the sheer love of the planet and for each other.
The civil liberties that we have, were fought for and we need to be vigilant in this time to protect them.

The poetic versus beneath each flag are adapted from ‘The Cosmic Doctrine’ by Dion Fortune. The words speak of an existential search, for essentially, this is the root of our suffering and confusion.

Avalon of the Heart

The Building of The Atom

The Beginnings of Consciousness

The Beginnings of Mind

The Creation of a Universe

Evolution Upon the Cosmic Planes

Influences Upon Humanity

The Natural Laws

The Law of Polarity

Influences Acting on Human Evolution

The Law of Action and Reaction

The Evolution of Form and Mind

The Evolution of Consciousness

The Evolution of A Solar System

Developing the Power to Communicate Thoughts

The Manifested Universe

The Manifesto:

We raise a White Flag as an unyielding symbolic and actual call for ceasefire.

We align as fellow citizens of the sacred Earth.

We understand that the wellbeing of humankind is deeply linked to the longevity of the planet.

We encourage practical, intelligent actions towards protecting earth with the various organisms, animals, plants and eco-systems that it sustains.

We see all humans as equal, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, culture, race or creed.

We believe that sustenance, water, healthcare, shelter and education are basic human rights.

We aim to engage in economic systems that value the wellbeing of people over profit.
We do not view war and violence as solutions.

Rather we urge governments to maintain peace between differing ideologies through negotiation.

We strive for the use of technology to aid us in finding solutions to our problems by working in conjunction with, not against, natural systems.

We realize that we exist in a realm of chaos and irony, thus we embrace the perseverance and poetic optimism necessary to achieve these goals .

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