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Os Gemeos reveal a permanent installation “Bunker” @ Museu Casa do Pontal

February 7, 2015
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On 31st of January, Os Gemeos revealed their first ever permanent installation, built for Museu Casa do Pontal in Rio De Janeiro. For this project Gustavo and Antonio Pandolfo were working on a piece that will show their urban art influences and importance in connection with traditional Brazilian art. The result is “Bunker”, an installation consisting of thick n heavy concrete bunker, with one of their signature yellow characters inside.
The idea behind this project was to show the importance of preserving the tradition and the rich folk culture of Brazil. Bunker itself presents safety as well as fragility of what’s inside, so the twins used that to showcase their vision. The main character of the piece is built of plaster and has all the elements of their recognizable style – painted with their signature spraypaint lines, using colorful patterns, glitter, he is very similar to a sculpture they built for their last solo show in Sao Paolo. The inside of the bunker is painted with unusual drawings that show devastation, destruction, war. Done with dark brown ink on concrete walls, it is in contrast with the colorful yellow man under the headlights. One would think that these kind of dark drawings are previously unseen from Os Gemeos, but they’ve been actually showing similar works in some of their previous shows.
Check out more photos from the opening event that included an open conversation with the artists, a live concert by Siba, and check back soon for more interesting news from around South America.

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