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“Broken” by INO in Fortaleza, Brazil

December 16, 2017
1 min read
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Greek artist INO was invited to paint in the 4th edition of Festival Concreto  that happened in Fortaleza city, Brazil.

A place that anyone can see very large contradictions, the poverty in the street, people begging for food while you eat at the restaurant, the prostitutes every night on the streets. All these mix together with the luxury, the expensive apartments in huge buildings that look empty, the barbwires on the fences of each condominium yard.

Known for his provocative images and after he was given a wall of a luxury hotel (51m high), INO had the chance to emphasise the phenomenon of prostitution. He painted a picture of a naked thin woman on a position of offering her body with a black splash coming out of her head and named it “Broken”. Because of the strong sun, INO was also working at night. Every night under the building, there were women selling their body. (photo from the lift attached)

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