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“Dørene Lukkes” by Telmo Miel in Oslo, Norway

May 4, 2016
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For two weeks Telmo Miel have been painting the entire Subway station ‘Ulsrud’ in Oslo.  Going to work every day they took a bus to Tøyen, got into the subway train and stepped onto the platform that was their spot to paint.

The title ‘Dørene Lukkes’ translates to “Beware Doors Are About To Close” and was a sentence that got stuck in their heads while working in the station

The piece they made tells a story about the difference in adult and child perspective. The adult uses transportation as a means to get to a certain goal, a kid looks at a subway train like a toy and has a next thing to be excited about.

By trying to portray that kind of excitement into color and form, the duo hopes to bring a little extra brightness to people passing through Ulsrud.

Take a look at more images after the break and then check back with us soon for more updates from Norway.
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