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Our good friend who is based in Belgrade, by the name of Artez has just sent in some pictures of his latest mural which was done for “Art for all in the world” festival in Sandefjord, Norway. This festival is supported by local paint producer Juton and Prime minister of Norway came to open the project.

In this mural yet again Artez mixes photo-realism and illustration with beautiful vibrant colours to create this “Never give up mural” and the idea behind it is quite simple – when they cut you, you should find a way to continue growing. Our life and our future is only in our hands!


Check out more images of the mural below and stay tuned for more updates from Artez!

Modestas Moe Noreika

About Modestas Moe Noreika

Modestas is a street art enthusiast who has been active in the scene for a few years, during that time has participated on production in projects around the world and continues to manage StreetArtNews print store. He is currently freelancing in the street art scene and is based in the UK.