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Pixel Pancho in in Youssoufia, Morocco

March 9, 2016
1 min read
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While we last heard from him on the streets of Rome a few days ago, Pixel Pancho and our friends from Sericraft just travelled to Youssoufia in Morocco for the Street Art Caravan Festival.

Specializing in robotic creatures, the globe-trotting Italian artist created this impressive piece of work showing a rather large bird feeding its baby with a mice. The wall’s earthy color was preserved and used in the background to give the piece an ancient feeling contrasting with the futuristic robots.

Take a look at more progress images below and then check back with us soon for more updates from Pixel Pancho.

IMG_1584 IMG_1581 IMG_1619 IMG_1633 IMG_1780Pictures by SeriCraft & Joseph Ouechen

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