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“Two Of One Kind” by Telmo Miel & Parizone in Lisbon, Portugal

May 21, 2016
1 min read
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Two Of One Kind(Telmomiel & Parizone) copy

Telmo Miel landed in planet Portugal where they were invited by Parizone to work on the streets of Lisbon.

The newly formed Dutch-Portuguese crew created this extra large mural entitled “Two Of One Kind”. The two portraits are from the one and only daughter from Parizone.

As usual with Telmo Miel, its a technically impeccable artwork which will brighten the day for the local residents and tourists.

Continue reading to discover some extra progress images and check back with us soon for the latest updates from the European continent.

13241423_1144226748956057_8239423389267176357_n 13227371_1139787972733268_8966819710232737197_o

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