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“Slight Presence of Transparency“ by Elian in Kiev

August 10, 2016
1 min read
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ElianFB_photo by Elian

Argentinian artist Elian Chali, aka Elian, painted Kiev’s secondary school #219 with his mural. The Street Art piece named “Slight Presence of Transparency“ is situated on Obolonskiy Avenue, 2-B and was created for the Mural Social Club Festival.

“Unlike my recent work, I haven’t used transparency effect of the primary colors for this piece, only a slight presence in gray. My search is developed on the behavior of pure colors and overlapping. The white background is almost non-existent, the wall is saturated with figures that respond to a central point. None basic geometric element is present, but the hardness of the transverse lines give a sense of geometry. This piece establishes the debate about the importance of empty spaces (air) in a composition”, explains Elian.

Elian Chali  is a muralist artist from Argentina, Cordoba. Elian was made known by his abstract style and graphic design applied that leaves no one indifferent. Using vibrant colors and a rich mix of shapes, patterns and varied inclinations, he makes sure to make its consistent work with its environment.

Elian2_photo by Elian Elian4_Photo by Maksim Belousov Elian5_photo by Elian Elian11_photo by Maksim Belousov Elian12_photo by Maksim BelousovPictures by Maksim Blouson & Elian

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