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Mural 2017: Work in progress by MadC in Montreal

June 13, 2017
1 min read
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It has been a really long time since we heard from Claudia Walde aka MadC on StreetArtNews, and today we are glad to share a work in progress from the fifth edition of MURAL International Public Art Festival where she has been invited to participate… Dark but still a vibrant mural has been going up over the past few days in Montreal.

Mad C was born Claudia Walde in Bautzen, Germany in 1980. Throughout twenty years of constant engagement with graffiti and street art, she has worked her way up from a teenager with a spray can to one of the world’s top street artists. Her acrylic and watercolor paintings have been exhibited worldwide. Her most distinctive works (which granted her international recognition in 2010) is the mural entitled “700-Wall”, which extends 639m² along a railway line between Berlin and Halle. Created over a period of four months, this fresco is arguably the largest in the world to be completed by a single artist.

Take a look below for more images on how this mural is coming together by Julien Gagnon and Enriqueta Arias while you wait to discover the final work in the next few days.

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