RONE The Omega Project Melbourne

Rone has just launched The OMEGA Project and totally transformed a quaint abandoned house in Melbourne into a temporary exhibition only open for viewing for just seven days before being demolished. Seven female portraits appear like ghosts – one in each room, inviting the onlooker to leave their reality and immerse themselves in the immediate surroundings

“CENERE” an Installation by Borondo in Italy

“Cenere” is the interaction between two antipodal concepts, it’s like lighting a candle in a cemetery and then choose to put it down in an empty recess waiting for the becoming. The beginning the end is, the beginning the end is, the beginning… With these words, the Spanish artist Gonzalo Borondo recounts his intervention CENERE, realized inside the funeral

Barry McGee Installation @ Moscone Center Garage

Last weekend, on 9th of October, Barry Mcgee revealed his latest project that was realized in conjunction with a nonprofit public art organization Sites Unseen and Ratio 3 gallery. The infamous SF-based artist turned the local Moscone Center Garage in downtown San Francisco’s Yerba Buena neighborhood into his permanent art installation. The makeover is the

“Flamingo” an installation by Bordalo II in Oeiras, Portugal

Bordalo II is back in Portugal where he visited the city of Oeiras to take part in the Festival Iminente. Helped by his loyal assistant, the Portuguese artist created another striking 3D installation which is taking the shape of pink flamingos! As usual with Bordalo, the installation was created using trash and rubbish which was harvested

“Pelican” by Bordalo II in Aruba

While you discovered his first piece in Aruba a few days ago, Bordalo II also took over the beach with an aquatic installation. Taking the form of a giant “Pelican” chilling on a rusty abandoned vessel, the talented Portuguese street artist created this solid 3D installation using trash and found materials collected around the streets

“Hyperbolic” an Installation by Crystal Wagner in Lodz, Poland

The UNIQA Art Łódź project welcomes a beautiful installation by American artist Crystal Wagner entitled “Hyperbolic”. The project is curated by Michał Bieżyński. Hyperbolic is a wild exterior growth that wraps around the art nouveau façade of a 100 years old building in Lodz. The artist was interested in the dialog between architecture and organic forms and structures

“Reframe” by Ai WeiWei in Florence, Italy

Ai WeiWei just finished working on his latest installation entitled “Reframe”, a street piece built using 22 rubber boats presented on the façade of Palazzo Strozzi, a palace in Florence, Italy. The large orange life rafts are anchored to the the famous palace’s windows, in an effort to draw attention to the treatment of refugees in Europe who are risking their lives

“V.I.P – Very Important Poverty” by Biancoshock in Tartu, Estonia

Our friend Biancoshock just visited the city of Tartu in Estonia where he worked on several site-specific installations including this one entitled “V.I.P – Very Important Poverty”. In the European Union there are thousands living outside on the streets, locals and also many of whom migrated from other countries just to live in abhorrent conditions – something that has