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“Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves” by Faith47 in Los Angeles

July 30, 2016
1 min read
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Faith47 recently spent some time in California where she linked up with Branded Arts to create this new piece on the streets of Los Angeles.

Entitled “Who Will Guard The Guards Themselves”, this quotation is the embodiment of the philosophical question as to how power can be held to account. In reference to the impossibility of enforcing moral behavior when the enforcers are corruptible, as seen in timeless cases of tyrannical governments, uncontrollably oppressive dictatorships, and police or judicial corruption and overreach. How can we trust that authoritative guardians of power are left to guard themselves against themselves.

The phrase, as it is normally quoted in Latin, comes from the Satires of Juvenal, the 1st/2nd century Roman satirist.

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