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“From Russia With Love” by MTO in Kiev

September 4, 2016
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French muralist MTO is the latest artist to participate in the Art United Us Street Art Program currently taking place on the streets of Kiev in Ukraine.

Entitled “From Russia With Love”, MTO painted a rather large building with his rendition of a digital love-cannonball sent from Moscow to Kiev : A Street Art interpretation of the Love & Hate relationship that has always been going on between Russia and Ukraine.

The artist is commenting on the recent hack of Ukraine’s power grid by a group of skilled hackers. The attack left more than 230,000 residents without power for many hours on 23rd December 2015. Ukraine’s secret services commented that Russia is behind the attack due tensed relations between the two nations since the Russians gained Crimea territory in 2014.

If you stop by Kiev in the coming months, you will be able to find the mural on Mechnykova street 9/22.

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