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“Flamingo” an installation by Bordalo II in Oeiras, Portugal

October 1, 2016
1 min read
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Bordalo II is back in Portugal where he visited the city of Oeiras to take part in the Festival Iminente.

Helped by his loyal assistant, the Portuguese artist created another striking 3D installation which is taking the shape of pink flamingos! As usual with Bordalo, the installation was created using trash and rubbish which was harvested around the city. From trash to animals, Bordalo creates Trashanimals which are surely going to be enjoyed for years to come by the local residents.

Take a look below at a few more images while we wait to hear more from Bordalo II in the near future.

img_8156-as-smart-object-1 img_8170-as-smart-object-1

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