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“Future is in your hands” by Artez in Valjevo, Serbia

June 7, 2017
2 min read
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Our good friend Artez has just finished a mural in the city of Valjevo, where he has won his first competition ever and had an opportunity to paint this mural. The topic of the competition was “Valjevo in the future” and consisted of two rounds, after which the jury made the decision and selected Artez to paint. This piece took the artist 5 hard days to paint because the weather wasn’t the best – there was a lot of rain, so Artez had to take breaks in between.

This mural has a lot of symbolic elements – in the background you can see “Valjevske planine” (mountains), which are super important for the image of the city and the whole atmosphere – people are very turned to nature and there are a lot of climbing and tracking spots. Female character in this artwork symbolises the present time – in her hands she holds most symbolic buildings and monuments of the city, and on her back she carries a child – future of this and every other town. Child is planting a tree in in the city order to promote that we should go back to the nature and keep it present in our urban environments.

Check out more pictures below and stay tuned for more updates from Serbia!

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