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“Keep Growing” by Artez in Novi Sad, Serbia

July 16, 2017
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Based in Belgrade, street artist by the name Artez who has been quite active recently has just sent in some pictures of his latest work that was painted as a part of “Chain Reaction” project that was created in reaction to an event that happened just before the last presidential elections in Serbia – the officials have painted white over a mural which was made by french artist and muralist Ramed. As expected, there was a huge reaction in the city, so as an answer, the project “Lancana Reakcija / Chain Reaction” was born. The project got a lot of support from citizens of Novi Sad and it shows that sometimes we need to stand together if we want to defend and improve our cultural heritage.

“Keep growing” mural tells the story of constant improvement of an individual. It is essential that we keep learning and developing ourselves during our whole life. We should keep the curiosity on highest level and always aim for the stars. Only this way we’ll be able to improve ourselves and the society in which we live. Never go back, always keep growing!

Check out a video from Artez below and stay tuned for more updates from Serbia…

“Keep Growing” by Artez in Novi Sad, Serbia

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