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Young talented Artist ARTEZ has just finished another magnificent wall in Santa Cruz de La Palma on Canary Islands.

He was invited to be part of “Capital of Colour”, a project promoted by the office of Neighbouring Department of Santa Cruz de La Palma which proposes several interventions of various artists. One of the mission of the program is to restore some parts of the city that are aesthetically damaged by using colourful art and, in this way, citizens can get more closer to the city and the streets.

This suggestive and poetic location, situated by the ocean, has inspired serbian artist to draw a mural based on a mysterious legend about San Borondon.

For the concept of this mural I was inspired by the legend of San Borondon, a mysterious island which could be sometimes seen from La Palma, but it never could be reached because of the mist that would cover the island as sailors approached the area. Because of its elusive nature, it is believed that the island is carried on the back of a gigantic sea creature, probably giant turtle or a whale. Even dough no one yet stepped on the island, we now know were to take a look at it! “

For him it was also quite a challenge to paint this mural because he had to manually operated the platform, he had no electrical motor for moving up down this 20 metres high wall, but despite everything he managed to complete the 450m2 of wall in just 5 days of work.

Take a look at more images sent by the Artist below and stay tuned for more updates from Canary Islands.


Claudia Kiki

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