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Pantonio in Kiev & Chernobyl, Ukraine

April 25, 2016
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Portuguese artist Pantonio just finished a lengthy street art tour around Ukraine and the city of Kiev and Chernobyl.

The talented painter and muralist was given the opportunity to bring some of his magical fantastic imagery on a large wall in the center of Kiev. The end-result is once again mind-blowing with this beautiful piece of work showing some of his signature animals entwined one to another.

He also painted a smaller artwork in Chernobyl showing rabbits and an egg. The artist has depicted the birth of a new life after a great disaster. Rabbits symbolize the return of the animals, and the rebirth of all living creatures in the territory, which was considered not compatible with life.

Take a look at a bunch of extra shots below and then make sure to drop your two cents down in our comments section.
IMG_6783 L1210515 DOM_2016_04_24_00617OS-Pano DOM_2016_04_24_00592OS DOM_2016_04_24_00525OS DOM_2016_04_24_00512OS DOM_2016_04_24_00282OSChernobyl pictures by Maksym Dondyuk

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